SEGA will be enforcing a new strategy to become a big name again. They’ve showed plans for a revival of “major IPs” within the SEGA Sammy group’s new “Road to 2020” document.

Their plan is to revive classic IPs, while using existing IPs and external IPs. This will be done through numerous development channels, namely mobile, PC, and game consoles, with the aim for major projects to have a global simultaneous release.c

SEGA Sammy's "Road to 2020" plans.


What could they be reviving? Streets of Rage? Virtua Fighter? Golden Axe? This is pretty exciting. What series would you like to see return?

I’ve always thought Sega should return to the Sonic Adventure series, which included Chao’s. I did a video about it a while back, it’s a bit dated now since we know Sonic Forces is coming, but the point I’m trying to get across is still relevant.

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Written by Brett Medlock

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