I can’t help but wish some of my all-time favorite games and series were playable online with friends. I have compiled a list of classic games that I wish were online-capable.

Mario Kart 64 (N64)

Mario Kart 64 is still considered a franchise favorite to a lot of gamers. I could say the same for Double Dash, but 64, for me, scratches more of that nostalgic itch. Surprisingly, Mario Kart 64’s gameplay aged really well, unlike a lot of Nintendo 64 games today. I know a lot of people my age (mid-twenties) who would love to easily play this classic game with friends. I honestly believe if Nintendo were to released games like this on the eShop will online functionality, it would be a huge selling point for the hardcore gamer, and casual players.

Ice Hockey (NES) & NHL 94 (SNES)

Ice Hockey and NHL 94 are simplicity at its finest. These classic multiplayer games made you want to rage quit and ring your friend’s neck. That reason alone is why I think they’re necessity for this list. Seriously though, Ice Hockey online would be total 8-bit chaos! Match after match, these sports titles never stops being enjoyable, especially with your pals. It’s nonstop action until the buzzer rings. Nintendo, bring these classic gems back to life! With an online function, of course.

GoldenEye 007 (N64)

I want a virtual console re-release of this remarkable title that features online multiplayer. GoldenEye reached huge mass appeal when it released in 1995, and it’s still a blast to play today. There is no sense in telling you just how great this game is because you already know! GoldenEye changed the way people play games together–it’s considered to be one of the most important games in the history of first-person shooters. There was an incredible remake of this classic gem that released on Wii and did include online multiplayer. While it was awesome to play a newer, prettier version, nothing beats the nostalgia that the original GoldenEye 007 envelops you with.


“HE’S ON FIRE!!!”. Everyone remembers that iconic phrase from NBA Jam for the Super Nintendo. I’ll never forget as a kid, me, my brother, and cousins would all stay at my grandmas house and play this game all night. There has been attempts to remake this classic in the past, but none of them were really a slam dunk (yes, is made that joke). This game is super fun at parties and just to play in general, but it would be incredible to play with friends online with my Switch.

Mario Party (N64)

Mario Party is all about multiplayer. Needless to say that this N64 game would be insanely fun played online. Sitting next to your friends on the couch and cranking up Mario Party just isn’t as common as it used to be, as we now live in a generation of (mostly) couch-less co-op. All we can hope for is that this classic game (inevitably) hits the Switch eShop/virtual console. In my opinion, the Mario Party franchise (aside from 1 & 2) has gotten worse with every new entry. I’d love to play a sped up version of the original Mario Party online with friends.

Do you wish to play these games online? Do you agree with my choices? What games do you want to play online with your friends? Leave all of your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our social media page!

Written by Brett Medlock

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