You’re probably an old, shriveled raisin of a man with a walking stick. You’re also Cranky.

Okay, maybe you’re not THAT old, but it definitely takes some years on a person’s life to really appreciate some of these retro games! In my trips down memory lane to do some reviews, I came across some things that both reinforce my suspicions about the whole Peach-Bowser dynamic… and make me wonder about the value of Nintendo’s take on animals.

Among other things, of course!

Don’t feel left out of the fun! We’re accepting user submissions, so if you’re curious about things in the world of Nintendo, send them to:

Subject Line: “I Wonder Why…”

In the body of your email, don’t forget to include a link to the video or screenshot along with a brief description! Not all submissions may appear in subsequent episodes, but email inboxes are like a box of chocolates…

Written by ZyroXZ2


Jason (ZyroXZ2) created a gaming channel on YouTube centered around Nintendo to show his love and support for them and their latest console… And also because he’s sarcastic and loves to make people laugh while in deep thought. People can do both, right?

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