The Nintendo 64 released two decades ago and is considered by many to be one of the greatest consoles to date. As great of a system as it was, not everyone is a big fan of its controller. Some have jokingly referred to it as ‘the Alien because it has three handles instead of the usual two. Its single analog stick is also smack in the center, instead of being off to one of the sides. It’s great that Nintendo learned its lesson with the GameCube, which had a much superior controller that is still loved and used by many today. Even so, the folks at 8Bitdo didn’t seem to get that memo.

The company has recently opened pre-orders for its new Bluetooth controller that is compatible with both PC and mobile devices. Seeing that there are so many other controllers out there already, 8Bitdo decided it would make its offering standout by modeling it after the aforementioned N64 ‘Alien’ controller. This controller can be connected to your device via Bluetooth, or USB if you want to a completely input lag-free experience. But wait, there’s more! The controller can also be utilized as a touch screen simulator (why?) and also comes with an exclusive collector’s key chain (be honest, that’s the thing you really want out of all this).

Here’s product description from the Amazon page:

  • Compatible with PC and mobile touch devices. PC/Mac/IOS/Android, retro and current Nintendo consoles.
  • Supports Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Dual mode options: joystick or touch screen simulator
  • 6 foot USB cable
  • Exclusive collector’s keychain

The 8Bitdo N64 Controller will be releasing on October 25th and will cost $49.99. If you want to be one of the first of the 10 people that will buy this (just kidding), you can pre-order it on Amazon. Unless you’re a crazy person, chances are you won’t actually be using this controller to play any games and will just keep it on a shelf for display purposes. Seriously. Don’t play with this controller.

Written by A.K Rahming

A.K Rahming

A.K — “The Prince” — Rahming is a young writer that’s been gaming from since he was a kid. The first ever video game he played was Mario Kart 64 and his love for Nintendo has grown ever since.

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