As another day passes in the Nintendoverse, yet another NX rumor has surfaced. While there have been a 1,000,001 rumors about the system so far, this one definitely stands out as being particularly interesting.

A series of tweets from Twitter user ‘Thrillho’ indicates that apparently, industry juggernaut Electronic Arts has had NX dev-kits for a little while now. He also claims that the company has plans to sit down with the Big N in a matter of weeks in order to discuss potential plans. Apparently, EA is seeking assistance from Nintendo to build an audience of sports fans on NX and then they can look into other areas.

Here’s the full set of tweets:

A lot of you may (painfully) recall how ‘ecstatic’ EA was to support Nintendo when the Wii U was formally revealed back at E3 2011. Considering we all know how well that went, if the rumor is to be taken as truth, then it should be very interesting to see how this all will work out. Nevertheless, take this with a grain salt.


Written by A.K Rahming

A.K Rahming

A.K — “The Prince” — Rahming is a young writer that’s been gaming from since he was a kid. The first ever video game he played was Mario Kart 64 and his love for Nintendo has grown ever since.

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